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We're Moving!!!

All future posts (craft or otherwise) will be posted on my blog: Tales of a Caffeine Junkie

This Journal will remain for the patterns that have already been posted on it until I decide otherwise.

Thanks for the ride. Hope to see you at the other place :) 
Have some more blocks because my instrument is down and so I couldn't work this weekend...


I didn't get as much done this weekend as I could have...but I was social and had friends over watching Doctor Who all day long on Saturday.


I've also been making headway on Dad's christmas present...hoping to post pics of it next weekend when I update. Might be starting a crafting club with a neighbor...which will help me not only keep my sanity more, but also will keep me up to working with you all.

Until next weekend now..


Made 6 more squares today...here they are. 

I am having so much fun with this project...I don't want to go back to school tomorrow because that means I can't just work on this all the time.


Okay...time to knit for a bit.

I'm baaaaaaaack...

Did you miss me?

And I have been busy on my quilt...look at what I've made the last day and a half. This should be a fun destressor this semester.


Until we meet again...


The crafty update

Since I got to grad school, my knitting/crafting time has decreased significantly...which is why I've decided to start using this page as a blog too.
When I return from the internship I'm currently on, I plan to begin HP themed quilt...hope you (and anyone else who stumbles upon this) will enjoy those updates...which should prove more frequent.
I'll also be working on a Christmas present for my dad...the Ravenclaw socks I'm designing and making may be put on hold until Dad's present or the quilt is completed...just because the quilt has been in queue for a while now, just always being put off until I moved somewhere where my sewing machine could stay up all the time and not be in the way.


I will see you again...

So, I've been on an internship and I've been blogging about it and it's made me realize how much I enjoy blogging...so I've decided to use this journal as more than a knitting/crochet pattern posting place...but a place where I can unload my mind and keep myself sane.
personal thoughts online 

I recieved some devastating news yesterday. My twin (not really my twin, but she may as well be) texted me to inform me that her mother had suddenly gotten terribly sick...like ICU, praying for a miracle sick. And I've been a wreck ever since. 
I don't know my twin's mom that well...we became friends in college, so it was beyond a point in our lives where we had slumber parties or whatnot (though, we did have sleepovers at my house sometimes...beyond the point). However, I'm truly saddened by what is going on with all of this because my twin is such a wonderful person who doesn't deserve this. Also, I've been living away from home (further than I ever have before) for almost a year now, and the thought of losing my own mother terrifies me on a daily basis.

I'm not sure what the point of this post is...I just wanted to tell someone somewhere something. I hope you all won't mind this new format...there will still be crafting updates...we're just moving beyond that...

blowing kiss


o I finally finished my cousin's graduation presents and they went over so well my dad wants one (adds to the list of knitting projects people have asked of me)

Part one of the gift the is illusion scarf pictured above (an original pattern I promise to post as soon as I make my dad's and make sure there aren't any kinks-yes, I know I said the same thing about the DH coasters...but I've lost the cards I wrote that pattern on, and I hope to locate it as I move this weekend...packing is good for that)

And then I made her an earwarmer because her school is in Ohio and it's cold...haha.

So, now I have two summer projects going...

The first, an original pattern based off one I found on Ravelry and some pics I saw on Tumblr...and it's already been ripped out twice...this should be a fun summer!

This is the cuff of a sock and it was taken a few days ago, so there's a little more too it, but not much. I'll reveal the pattern chart when I'm a little further along...right now I like the mystery for you all...not that I'm sure anyone is reading this anymore. I am knitting this concurrent with an illusion scarf for my dad, that way when one gets too frustrating, I have the other!

Until I update again (probably not until after I move this weekend), I remain your faithful servant.


I have no good excuse...

I warned in January it would be sporatic...what I didn't warn was that by sporatic, I meant non-existant.

Let's see...where have I been since then? Besides studying my keister off, you mean?

Well, let's take a photo journey to catch you up, eh?

In February, two very good friends of mine began chemotherapy for breast cancer (both were diagnosed at Christmas)...being the good knitter friend I am, I spent February and part of March making Chemo Caps...sadly, I only photographed one before I sent them on their merry ways with well-wishes of good health. I am happy to report both are doing very well and one had her last treatment today.

In March, I joined a great community for girls and women called glow*. If you haven't heard of it or haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it as it's a place for girls and women to find inspiration and inspire each other to be our best selves without apologizing for who we are or tearing each other down...I fully support this community, am a proud sister and love reading it everyday. In early April, I scored tickets to the concert of my dreams...APOCALYPTOUR. Now, glow* is run by 4 members of Team Starkid, and since glow* has become a huge part of my life, I thought it only fitting I made them some sort of gift...this is what I came up with.

These are earwarmers and scarves with the glow* logo on them.

Then, after my semester finished up in late April, I began making baby presents for my advisor's wife. I really loved making them...and everyone at the shower was very impressed. I always like trying new things and new patterns and all of these I'd never made before!

The blanket is my favorite.

Now I am working on a graduation present for my cousin and then my summer project...something I've never done before (a new adventure!)...SOCKS...

Unfortunately, the large portrait is on indefinite hiatus...I just don't know what I'll do with it anymore...sorry to everyone who was tracking it.

I promise to update more this summer...I'll have to show you my socks. And in the fall, I'm beginning a new type of needle work...quilting.

All my love (and apologies).


And we're halfway there!!!!!

How exciting...just yesterday I was lamenting that I didn't know when I would go at it again...and now I'm at 50%!!!

This calls for celebration...I think I'll go to the fabric store...haha

I went away for Christmas...and I didn't take my projects with me. That was my fault. 

And now I'm working on a graduation present for my cousin...in addition to being in grad school all the time. 

It's gonna be sporatic...but I hope you all will stay with me.